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updated 1 April 1999
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Mothering Magazine  1-800-984-8116
Some people feel that Mothering has gone too glossy, too commercial.  Yes, I feel that way too, and I am glad.  Mothering was my first taste of alternative mothering practices.  By placing itself in the mainstream, it will be that for many other ladies as well. Bimonthly;  subscriptions are $18 for a year; issues are $5.95 each.  Back issues are available.
The Compleat Mother PO Box 209 Minot ND 58702
What Mothering use to be, The Complete Mother still is.  Known for making moms hide from their children.  You simply must subscribe.  It's $12 for a year's subscription.
Childbirth Instructor (818) 760-8983
While it is meant for the professional, anyone interested in childbirth may find this quarterly magazine interesting.  The past few cover articles have been on the increase in multiple births, teaching childbirth classes to homebirthers, and waterbirth. Quarterly; subscriptions are $17.95 for one year; issues are $4.75.
Home Education Magazine 1-800-236-3278
There are several homeschooling magazines out there - this is my favorite.  It leans more toward unschooling, and doesn't have as much of a Christian bent, especially since many new homeschoolers are not doing so for religious reasons.  Bimonthly; subscriptions are $20 for one year; issues are $4.50 each.
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