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The Bookshelf ~ Vaccinations
updated 1 April 1999
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Theory Vs. Reality 
by Neil Z. Miller
 Immunizations :
The People Speak!
by Neil Z. Miller
Vaccines : Are They Really Safe and Effective?
by Neil Z. Miller
Vaccination and Immunization:
Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives
by Leon Chaitow
Immunizations : The Terrible Risks Your Children Face That Your Doctor Won't Reveal 
by Robert S. Mendelsohn
A Shot in the Dark : 
Why the P in the Dpt Vaccination May Be Hazardous toYour Child's Health 
by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher
The Vaccine Guide : Making an Informed Choice  
by Randall Neustaedter
The Issue of Our Times 
by Peggy O'Mara (Editor)
How to Raise a Healthy Child : In Spite of Your Doctor  
by Robert S. Mendelsohn
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