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updated 1 April 1999
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Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom 
Christiane Northrup MD 
 I was very skeptical of this book - I saw it "advertised" on a PBS pledge drive. I figured that the fact that it was written by an OB (albeit female) only served to increase my distrust. Luckilly I was sick in bed and couldn't find the clicker. A video "Womens Minds Womens Choices" (or something like that) came on and I was hooked. Not only does this book discuss menstruation, FAM (but Taking Charge of Your Fertility is better), menstruation, fibriods, etc, but the discussion is completely all encompassing. Pregnancy and birth is best left out of the hospital; fibroids are "learning experiences"; menopause is the height of creativity; menstruation gives us an opportunity on a monthly basis to examine items usually hidden and mimics the seasons of the year. 
Would you have not, as a young girl, had this "sex talk" with your mother?"At a certain point in your life, you will have a menstrual period. This is an opportunity to examine your creative impulses and needs and a time for deep emotional reflection" There is so very much to this book (it is HUGE) I can't do it justice here. If you're at all leary, I taped the videos from the pledge drive, and will ship them to you so you can see what the book is about. I can't recommend it enough and wish that upon birth, each girl was presented with a copy of this book. [Review by mamakat] 
Rating: Five Webs 
Women and Doctors : A Physician's Explosive Account of Women's Medical Treatment- And Mistreatment-In America Today and What You Can Do About It  
John M. Smith 
I wish this guy was my OB.  Focuses a lot on hysterectomies, but goes into OB, too.  Talks about how women are mistreated by their doctors, how the doctors get away with it, how to prevent it. [Review by Debbie] 
Rating: Two Webs, but only because it's out of print 

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